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Tanaka-senpai is teaching his fellow kohais the important techniques of intimidation he mastered during his lifetime. Kageyama does a nice job except he’s actually concerned if he wants to buy milk or juice.
Tsukishima is surrounded by idiots.
gotta finish more haikyuu!! selfies from twitter


i never posted this did i. well heres a picture of me writing pokemon au fanfiction in class

500+ fucking notes. this is incredible, will this be my legacy on these here tumblr dot coms

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Mastbos, Breda, Netherlands.
Photography by Sonja Krzeminski

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Jered Gruber photo from Abruzzo in Italy.


seeing assholes u used to be friends with like


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Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind風の谷のナウシカ

If you struggle with self-care and see this, stop what you’re doing


  • Have you eaten in the last 4ish hours?
  • Have you had something to drink today?
  • Can you have something, even if just milk or water or cup’o’noodles or toast with something yummy on it, if you haven’t, please? 
  • If you have any injuries, can you please take care of them for me?

Whatever you have or haven’t done today just know you’re super strong and I am so proud of you

Okay you can go back to blogging now~ <3

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Can we take a moment to appreciate these legs plz.
WINTER IS COMING. (I got a bunch of early winter gear on sale because it&#8217;s off season and I&#8217;m super happy about it!) #damnlegslookinggood


usagi knows what’s up

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.

These are perfect <3

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"Be soft, kind and loving. But also take nobody’s shit."

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